What to keep in mind when you start blogging

Choose your niche

Really, pick one! I’m probably one of the most stubborn people you will ever meet, in business as well as in private life. And I don’t mean I start a fight whenever something doesn’t go the way I want to, I ain’t gonna waste my energy on that 🙂. But it means that I think black and white, stay phlegmatic when things go wrong, and learn best by doing and failing myself.

When I started blogging 3 years ago, I thought that I could easily write about all my interests including songwriting, life, food, creating recipes, traveling, animals, & mental health.. Yeah, that’s a lot, right? And also way too broad and chaotic to follow. The key to creating a successful blog is that (future) visitors are able to see without clicking anything who you are and what your website is about. This by either visiting your blog or your social media accounts.

Take something you’re passionate about, something you can’t stop talking about, and something worth investing. Because of that investment, that will happen. Not only money-wise but also time-wise. Blogging is working hard, especially during the moments you don’t feel like writing. Better make it a niche worth financing.

Create an interesting blog name

It’s 2020 sweeties and the blogging scene is still growing and growing. A life without blog posts, content, and social media accounts attached? I think it’s going to take quite some more years until we become sick of it. With so many individuals surrounding us, showing off their writing skills, it’s key to create a catchy blog name.

Something that represents yourself, something that might indicate what your blog is about, or maybe not at all. Maybe something more goofy suits you better.

To give a little explanation; my website’s name is The Revitalized Chick Pea, Renewed in Amsterdam. Apart from my guest bloggers and vlog editor, I create, write, and edit all the content myself. TRCP might sound weird to some, but it’s as clear as it could be to me and why my website is named the way it’s named.

Revitalized means literally translated; restore something to live. The past years have been a rollercoaster ride filled with highs and many lows. And with all the things happening I never thought possible, I also never thought I would get through it all, let alone overcome..but I did, I managed, I learned and I continued.

The fact that I changed a lot as a person during those years is an understatement, but it made me who I am today.

Chickpea is one word in the English language. But with my love for food and vegan cuisine, I found it a nice touch to split it, since I’m still that ‘Chick’ behind this platform. Plus it suits the sarcastic language of this strong independent woman very well 😉.
Lastly; Renewed in Amsterdam. Simply put, previous years were filled with hectic and uncertainty. But it all collapsed, combined, and eventually got at ease while living in Amsterdam. It’s the city that provided me with a lot of answers to the many questions I’ve had throughout life.

But most of all, Amsterdam allowed me to get lost in the madness but never let my love for writing fade away. Everyone has their personal preferred getaway when times get tough, mine is writing.

Create a brand


What are your intentions with blogging? How far would you like to take it? Is it just for fun, or do you want to make money with it in the long run? Could you see yourself run a successful business in the near future?

If you want to make money with blogging, be prepared to invest money. After all, would you buy cheap shit if you’re looking for value, quality material? Get to know your audience, give them a voice. Find out what they want and need.

And create the best content possible around it. Think of yourself as a first-time visitor of your blog and find out what makes you stand out in the crowd. What makes you the person others will identify with and eventually hand you their money? Find your why, invest your time, and create a brand.

 Start social media before you start blogging

I don’t mean you should start posting links towards the website and blog posts that aren’t online yet. But just start promoting what you’re working on. Share your logo, your brand, and brand colors attached. Find out what others think about you and your idea. Because regardless of what they think, feedback is needed to understand if your approach is correct or not. I will forever be my own best and worst critic.

But through feedback from those around me, I continued to believe in myself and got a reminder that my writing approach won’t always be appreciated by everyone that reads it. And that is totally fine. You can’t be liked by everyone, nor will you like everyone that crosses paths with you.

Also, get to know the variety of social media platforms and their different audiences. If I had to name three social media accounts that would be a good place to start with, it would be Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Start with one, optimize it, and continue with the next to do the same. Please do create usernames for all social media accounts though. You’ll never know which accounts you want to add to your website in the future, plus it ensures that others are incapable of copying your (future) business name. A few other accounts you can think of are; Twitter, Tumblr, and Youtube.

Choose the right website hosting platform


There are many website hosting platforms out there and to be honest, I’m not your best candidate to provide you with the best information regarding this subject. At this moment I still work with and I’ll continue to do so until the end of the year I think.

I am getting more and more in creating my own website, which is why I’ll probably change platforms at the end of the year and choose WebFlow. But, without hesitation, I would definitely recommend when you first start blogging since they are available for answering questions 24/7, provide endless plugins & themes, and make starting your first blog super easy.

If you want to take control straight away, try when you are just beginning as a blogger and use BluehostSitegroundWix, or HostGator for simple easy accessible web hosting.

Create the best content possible

Do you know those blog posts that have the slickest photo of a laptop, the clearest coffee cup shot, or amazing note blocks? Yeah, chances are they didn’t take all of those pictures themselves. I love photography and creating content. But sometimes it’s just too time-consuming.

There are a few websites that provide an endless database with beautiful pictures, all for free. You can also add your own photos if you’re looking for a way to share your photography skills. Websites worth visiting are: kaboompicspixelsrawpixel and unsplash.

 Create discipline


Like everything else, if you want to be able to craft the art, you have to allow yourself to create crap and still continue. Because when lacking motivation, discipline kicks in. This is a quote I’ve been having in my mind for years when I don’t feel like writing or creating content.

Blogging demands self-discipline.

Set goals, set a target number of blog posts per week you want to write, and keep your mind satisfied by learning something new every day. One thing I noticed is that I thrive better when I’m able to write in different environments. I do enjoy writing at home, but from time to time my energy and creativity get stuck.

By walking away from the table you’re writing on, visiting a cafe around the corner, or go for a walk to clear my mind works for me. Oh, and that energy? Be sure you don’t surround yourself with idiots that crave energy, they spread negativity like a virus and it will drown your creative mind.

Don’t be discouraged by all the words above! Trust me, it may look like a lot to keep in mind. But once you apply everything, you are ready to start blogging and hopefully make money! 

Original content from my bloggers website The Revitalized Chick Pea. Post can be found here.