I never started writing to sound interesting. I just wanted to tell a story, my story. And so should you.

A picture is worth a thousand words. I agree, I do. You don’t always need words to describe the situation that you’re facing, or the chapter in your life that you’ve just ended. It’s just, have you ever been in circumstances where finding the right words felt so difficult? And I don’t mean the emotional and disappointing moments that come on your path and make life life. I mean those moments when you gave ‘writing a go’. After launching your new website for example. Because who needs a copywriter when you can type and edit yourself right? Or after watching a 10 minute ‘how to do social media’ DIY, thinking; it can’t be that hard with SEO and hashtags..right? When writing isn’t your core interest, and you’re not planning to make it either, reach out. Because when people tell me stories like that, while adding that after a few days of trying, they not only started to hate themselves but also their business before it even began..oh, it’s glorious. I imagine them spending their days sitting behind their laptops, wondering what the hell they’ve gotten themselves into. And that mental picture? That is worth more than a thousand words to me. Below you can read a little more about the services that I offer. But in case you’re looking for something more specific or different as described, just shoot me an email, maybe I can still help you out.


“She used to be one of those people, that would hang out with the wrong crowds. Partying every weekend, spending to much money on the latest fashion, doing everything to ‘fit in’. But it was after meeting that strong individual, the encounter that changed everything, that she realized this lifestyle hadn’t brought her what she wanted. But who knew she was taught one even better life lesson, that being..” The right form of storytelling makes you hungry for more words, it makes you want to consume all the information you can get to answer your why’s and how’s, regardless the story or subject you are reading about. Storytelling like that is priceless, but my service to write it for you isn’t.

Social Media Content

Look, everyone can upload a photo or video and share it online these days. But understanding which social media platform requires what content, that takes a little more time and investigation. Plus, every content should match your tone of voice, it should match your previous shared content and should be shared on the right time with the right hashtags. All of this will eventually contribute to the growth of your social media channels, if executed correctly ofcourse. Whether you just want the words that will make your online presence pop, or you are looking for the whole package described as above, feel free to contact, maybe I can help you.

Blog posts & Articles

You want your customers and fans find recognition in the words you share online, why else would they follow your social media accounts? But you also want to grow that following, let them do more than only hit the like button, this by sharing your content, visit your website and/or buy your products. A blogpost or article can function as a introduction to the worldwide web. Whether it’s a new product that deserves the spotlight, a background story about your business, or a must-have (check)list that suits your and your followers interest for example. This combined with the right SEO keywords and your company’s tone of voice? Oh, it’s the magical blend for successful content.

Portfolio websites

Who are you? What is are the core values from your business? How to show off your beautiful brand colours after taking a brand workshop, with Melanie Peggy for example? What is your pricelist? What are your qualities? Did you just start with what you do, or do you already have previous customers? Where can I find that material? How can I reach you? And where can I find more information about you, anything that you forgot to add during your 60 seconds elevator pitch at a network drink downtown? Remember those events? You handed out your business card and then what, you text? Besides the right words to describe your services and products, I can also make your portfolio. Tell me which layout you prefer, I’ll take care of the rest.

Lyrics & Rhymes

There she was seated, as broken as 12 years back. I promised her the alcohol would stop the internal bleeding, no one here will break her heart – hijack.
Beer is spilled on the floor, emotions are running wild. While lighten up another cigarette, we talk, we laugh and forget about our lives for a while.
She tells the story, that suits her mood that day. But the truth hides in her eyes, as the dikes filled with hurtful tears begin to break. Does it ever get better, it’s a question without the right answer.

Take a moment from your life, stretch it as wide as possible, but make sure that it’s still in touch with the truth and feel the emotions to relive that exact moment. That’s the base to good songwriting and rhymes. You’re looking for a collaborating?

(blog) websites

Easy to navigate templates, simple themes and easily accessible websites. When launching a website, these are the basic musts to keep in mind. But then again, when you’re launching a new business, or expanding because success is on your side, you need to have a website for your brand or company that represents you and your business the right way. During the past few years I learned a lot about website building while working with and as I spend my time now learning about and This allows me to help others build their own website, or create one if handed the right information. Delivered with or without content, reach out if you’re in need of a website and are interested in my services to help you.

It was an extreme pleasure working with Michelle. After a good cuppa tea and a good chat, she knew exactly how I wanted to communicate my business. Michelle is excellent in what she does and even better with wording precisely what you want.

Kyle Williams, Senario Writer

Finding the right words can be difficult, let’s connect.


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