Food for thought

Food for thought

We all know how caught up we can get in our lives. All the responsibilities and all the daily tasks waiting for us to be crossed off our to-do list. Having time to make a nutritious and healthy breakfast sometimes seems impossible. So then we skip breakfast, grab a quick lunch, and feel the big dip of hunger and cravings to eat something that hits our sweet tooth right where it’s at later on. I’ve had a lot of trouble eating normally and learning how to do so. It sounds so simple, but to not rush things or skip a meal or two because we’re just busy, it’s been a learning curve. And that includes knowing tiny proportions of breakfast/lunch or dinner won’t help in the long run, since eating a whole bag of whatever is left in front of us later in the evening, seems like a familiar road for many of us. Or ordering overpriced takeout and desperately regretting it while we lie in bed, bloated and stuffed with the wrong nutrients. Don’t get me wrong though, I know we all digest different types of foods differently, one can eat more than the other. But in the long run, eating over-processed foods every dahm day, never did well for anyone.

Over the years, I have become increasingly fascinated with different types of cuisines, with Lebanese, Indian and Balinese cuisine forever being my favorite. I have learned about so many more vegetables, fruits, and spices by visiting local markets and toko’s (Asian/Indonesian food stores). It’s amazing to taste how a certain kind of herb can add so much flavor to a whole meal. And through those years my love for the plant-based/vegan cuisine created its base, its everlasting base. Eating vegan means so much more than just a salad. Even in times of being hella’ busy you can still make, bake, and create tasty meals and snacks without wildly unknown ingredients.

Healthy breakfast and nutritious afternoon snacks

Hereby a few links to several recipes that can be found on my food website The Chick Pea’s Cuisine. And yes, that’s Pea’s with ‘s. In case you’re interested in reading that story while enjoying your sweet breakfast or delicious sweets, click here.

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